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Database Search

Lot of companies struggle to retrieve information from myriad databases, application repositories on a timely manner. There is of dependency on SQL programmers, BI staff members to write queries and collate data that delays mission critical business decisions. Using LGA Search you can quickly connect to relational databases (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, etc. ) and retrieve required information in minutes.

We support Enterprise databases in your data center as well as the ones that reside in leading cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, etc.

Email Search

Government regulations (HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI, GLBA. Open Records Act) mandate organizations to provide the ability to search important emails related to PII (Personally Identifiable Information) for investigations, violation inquiry, disciplinary procedures, law suits, etc. Sometimes cost of data retrieval is far higher than storage costs as it requires various processes, tools and critical knowledge / human resources. LGA Search makes it easy to connect to IMAP based email platforms like Office 365, Exchange, Google, etc. and bring back search data quickly and efficiently.

File Search

Everything gets scanned these days as PDF files in to your network folders, or in application repositories. Challenge is to retrieve the relevant file, contract or document using key words. LGA Search makes your life easy by thoroughly indexing them for quick search. We support XLS, Word, PPT, PDF, and other standard file extensions.

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The federated search solution of LGA removes the complexity and expense of searching enterprise data by allowing all digital material, regardless of relational databases, network folders, emails, and office documents, to be searched at once from a single console. You can customize the solution by limiting the search to granular repositories, filter the results and quickly export for reporting purposes. We have built an intuitive user interface that renders search results from structured and unstructured sources for you to consume seamlessly. Our robust indexing mechanism keeps only relevant information and dynamically pulls data from sources on-demand. We have an in-built user access audit module that provides complete visibility.

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Enterprise Search platform that helps users to query structured and unstructured data sources like Emails, File folders, Relational databases from a single console

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